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Talking about vWorker / RentACoder

"One of the 100 smartest, most innovative, hands-down brilliant companies on our radar. ... Marketing, public relations, research, design, legal services--all can be handled quickly and affordably..."
"100 Brilliant Ideas"
"Darren Gates, a Los Angeles entrepreneur first used the site in 2002. Programmers he hires through the site cost him about 80% to 90% less than what he would spend locally."
"Help Wanted and Found"
"Anthony Johnson, founder of six-person, $600,000 ICC Software, has used the site since 2003, saving up to 60% on programming projects..."
"Using the Web for Outsourcing"
"I spoke with a user... [who] needed a fresh corporate design, logo, interactive website and shopping cart. 45 days later he was taking orders via the web at a cost of US $1,000. At these prices it makes sense for even small firms to consider outsourcing projects... "
"Rent Before You Buy Into Offshoring"
vWorker (through it's former name of Rent a Coder) was awarded the 2010 Inc 5000: Fastest growing private company award. This is the fourth consecutive year in a row the company has been awarded this prestigous honor.
"Fastest Growing Private Companies in the U.S."
"Robert...has been a freelancer for 15 years, making all the money he needs. Robert is one of 300,000 virtual freelancers ready for hire on vWorker.com. The site currently has more than 150,000 virtual employers and 2,500 current open projects..."
FOX News Channel
"vWorker features a host of freelancers specializing in everything from data entry to web design. ... Offering both money-back guarantees for employers and payment guarantees for workers, the site wins major points for trust and transparency. ... The site addresses a major problem with freelancing websites: misrepresentation of skills, knowledge and commitment to a project. When a hard project deadline is looming... vWorker's Expert Guarantee can help."
"Tech guns for hire: 5 places to find skilled IT contractors"

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vWorker / Rent a Coder Kudos (From the press and virtual workers)

All press mentions before the site name change in April 2010 refer to the site by its former name of Rent a Coder.
vWorker is a freelance site... The main difference with vWorker is that they do not charge a joining fee, and monthly fee, or a fee to bid. It is totally free to the worker. They make their money by taking a cut of the final payment to the worker, and if you bid accordingly you lose nothing. In fact, now they simply add their fee on to what you bid, meaning you really do not even have to worry about the fee at all...vWorker seems to do what it promises, and there is definite potential for work -at-home income here.

The vWorker Buzz
By Faith Stewart
Wah Adventures, July 20th, 2012
DEAR JOYCE: I'm a college grad of a decade ago who survived a staffing cutback last year. The near-miss caught my attention, and I think it's time I "recertified" my job search skills. Advice? -- D.D.W.

Joyce: [Check out] popular free-agent websites like vWorker (vworker.com).

Update your career tool kit
By Joyce Lain Kennedy
Chicago Tribune, June 17th, 2012
A number of websites offer links to one-time or short-term employment. Some of the work pays surprisingly well. Whether you're a student home for the summer or an unemployed adult, sites can hook you up with short-term or one-time gigs. More-specialized gigs, such as writing and Web design, can be sought on sites like vWorker.com.

Microjobs: Quick extra cash
By Donna Freedman
MSN Money, May 24th, 2012
VWorker is my favorite place to find freelance work. It is not as big as two certain competitors, but often that is a very positive thing. I find it easy to search and sort the work that is needed and find just those jobs I am interested in working on...Another plus with sites like VWorker is that you can find regular clients, and they offer a rating system so that you will know which employers are best.

Quick and Easy Money Websites for Beginners
By Denise Gabbard
Write and Get Paid, February 2nd, 2012
The competition for mobile dominance is not only hot, it is heating up further with every phone release. [...] Why doesn’t your company have a mobile application? The two most common objections to this question is that an individual knows nothing about developing a mobile application, or doesn’t have the capital to make it happen. Here is a guide to get past these hurdles and getting on your way to getting your application in the Apple App Store or the Android Market, without spending your last dollar. [...] Turn to websites like [...] vWorker.com to post your project idea and to receive bids on your project.

How To Develop A Mobile Application Without Breaking The Bank
By Mark Hall
Businss Insider, November 12th, 2010
The site is an online marketplace that connects buyers to coders. All projects are protected by escrowing and arbitration. Buyers post an average of 250-300 new projects on the site every day, ranging from software development, to Web sites, to writing, to logo design. Sellers (coders) post questions and bids on the project and then the buyer selects the seller they want to award the project to. The buyer puts the funds into escrow to guarantee that they are "good" for the payment. When the work is completed, the buyer releases funds from the escrow account to the seller. If the seller completes the work but the buyer withholds the funds, an arbitrator will step in, test the software if necessary, and release the funds to the seller. In addition, there are no monthly fees to bid. ... William Murphy stresses RentACoder's effect on his professional growth: "All of my projects, large and small, have offered various elements of challenge. More than anything, I enjoy working with the latest available ecommerce technology. ... RentACoder is equally suited to a part-time and full-time freelance coders. Leonguerrero notes that he has met several clients on RAC that provide him with steady work.

Finding Feelance Jobs
By Amy Bennett
IT World, 4/3/2009
   An increasing number of Romanians are obtaining outsourcing contracts. They can win between several thousand dollars and over 100,000$ per year from programming, writing articles and creating business plans. “Any programmer with an internet connection and the will to work, can find projects on our website. Also, we make sure that they get their money, if they do the job well.” says, Ian Ippolito, founder of vWorker.com

     Mihai Pop from Craiova started in 2004 at the age of 18, with the help of his mother. Last year, the entrepreneur managed to win, via rentcoder.com, $49,737 of IT contracts and is the 4th ranked coder in the world. “The business started with $25 projects. Without a portfolio, it's hard for somebody to trust you, even if you bid low. But with perseverance and hard work, that can be overcome”, says Doina Pop, marketing manager for Software Pop Service Electronic.

"Programmers can earn more on the internet than with their employer"
Capital Online, March 2008
   I no longer have a simple answer to the question, "Where do you live?", so I usually launch into an explanation of exactly what I'm doing. I almost always get the same response. "Wow. I wish I could do that." But here's the thing: almost anyone can do what I'm doing. Despite being a much more interesting lifestyle, it's not particularly difficult or expensive. There are no significant hidden costs or hassles. Living as a nomad is just as manageable as living in a single location, but a lot more fun and exciting. Even if you don't want to start your own internet business, there is a lot of work that can be done by contract. To start, check out … vWorker.com. You can get paid to write, edit, create web pages, research, or program. If you can't do any of those things now, you could surely teach yourself within a few months using free resources online and a little practice.... What's stopping you?

"How I became a modern day nomad, and how you can too"
By Tynan
Gadling, March 26th, 2008
   A trend that is also catching up fast is of professionals who are leaving plush company jobs to do freelancing full time. Aiding them are websites like vWorker.com, from where these people can get their projects and as long as the moollah flows in, the scene is only getting hotter. Some of the areas in which a lot of work is getting [done]...are web design and development, graphic designing, search engine e-marketing, quality assurance, creating an e-commerc site, mobile commerce site, payments processing, multimedia movies and animation, etc..

"IT pros exploring new vistas"
By Vani Aseem Grover
The Financial Express, June 11th, 2007
   IT giants like IBM, Infosys, Wipro and WNS have got a new rival on the fast expanding Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) landscape. The new challenger is not some thousand-employees strong Business Process Outsourcing firm, but individuals who could be sitting anywhere alone before their personal computer...and have before them an addressable market worth over 20 billion dollars in the US alone. Websites such as vWorker.com act as trading platforms for such services and over ten lakh professionals are already registered on these sites as Person-To-Person Offshoring (PPO) providers. These tasks do not require expensive infrastructure and people can work from their homes with a broadband connection and earn between 10 and 25 dollars for an hour's work. Among other popular PPO services being offered currently, jobs like online tutoring fetch 8-40 dollar an hour.

"Move over BPOs, it's time for PPOs"
By Kevin Donlin
The Economic Times, May 13th 2007
   I am pleased to announce that vWorker.com has been selected for inclusion in Weddle's 2007/8 Guide. We had over 3,000 sites compete for the 350 profiles that were included. Selection, therefore is a significant achievement. We are pleased to recognize vWorker.com as one of the best employment sites on the Web.

Weddle's Announcement letter
By Peter Weddle
CEO of Weddle's.com, March 23, 2007
   This is the classic Catch-22 -- the Excedrin Headache #1 of employment problems. You need experience to prove to employers that you can do the job. But how can you get experience if nobody will hire you? One way to cut through this knotty problem is to stop waiting for somebody to give you experience and, instead, go get it on your own. You will then be more attractive to employers. How do you go about getting experience in your field? Lots of temporary employment agencies and Web sites offer contract positions you can do to polish your skills for employers. Check the Yellow Pages or post your resume on sites like vWorker.com. Who knows? If you sparkle in a temporary assignment, it could turn into a full-time position -- it happens all the time.

"Two More Job Search Problems Solved"
By Kevin Donlin
Minneapolis Star Tribune, December 11th 2006
   If you rely on only one source of income, and that single income source goes away (ever been downsized, laid off or fired?), you're left broke and desperate. This is why every successful internet entrepreneur I know has multiple streams of income...It is extremely easy to do online. If you [are] a computer programmer, a writer or editor, or a graphic artist or website designer...you can market your services to customers around the world, and it doesn't cost you a dime. You can offer your services to customers on websites like ... vWorker.com. Basically, you register, and when someone posts a job that falls within your area of expertise, you can bid on the work.

"Creating Multiple Streams of Income"
By Tim W. Knox
AOL Small Business, September 2006
   vWorker.com is ... a great place to put your technological strong points to work in real life applications and get paid for it. ...I myself as a coder have done numerous projects. ...You don't need to be a #1 coder making thousands of dollars to win a job on vWorker.com. ...There are a ton of projects out there.

"Landing A Job On vWorker.com"
By Mr. Mattley
Blog Spot, March 12, 2006
   Online marketplaces like vWorker.com offer enough reason to generate effusive prose....

Vikas Sethi...gave up a fairly cushy job at HCL Comnet five years ago. He now works out of his home at Paschim Vihar in New Delhi....vWorker.com ranks him at 129....[and] Sethi is booked for projects until end-2008.

Sham Yemul...gave up a job at SKF Bearings in Pune...He headed home to small-town Solapur where he set up Intellisoft Consultants on a loan from his father. But Solapur isn't the kind of place where tech companies have much to do. Exasperated, Yemul turned to the internet...Yemul now ranks 179 on vWorker.com and six people work with him, all of whom have no time for local projects.

"India's invisible billion-dollar economy"
By Charles Assisi
Times of India, September 10, 2005
   Find freelance projects--and get your revenue rolling...If you want to start your freelance business with a minimum investment and good gains, this is the website you'll want to register with. ... A main attraction of vWorker.com is the excellent escrow and arbitration service--you don't start a job until all the funds are escrowed.

"Where to Find Freelance Work Online"
By Amod Purankik
Entrepreneur Magazine, September 7, 2005
Virtual workers in business*
All press mentions before the site name change in April 2010 refer to the site by its former name of Rent a Coder.
I signed up as a vWorker.com developer in 2002. For almost 10 years, I successfully finished many projects and met many interesting people. What is vWorker.com to me: It's my favorite work, It's my hobby, It's my style of life. I'd like to thank everyone from the vWorker.com team for their support and great job that they are doing for remote developers all over the world.

Screen Name: Victor_K, Novocherkassk, Rostov Region
Russian Federation
January 13, 2011: I came to US one and a half years ago as an immigrant with limited money. I agreed on working remotely with my employer, but somehow he changed his mind and I lost my job. I spent 2 months to find any job, but I could not find one because of the economic crisis (low market, too many candidates, etc.).

I've returned to vWorker.com again after wasting 2 months, and it saved us. I'm mostly working for my own project now, but I'm still following vWorker.com for new projects. Currently I've 3 projects going on.

I really thank you for your support of my life.

Screen Name: Tuncay Demirtepe, Orlando, Florida
United States
May 19, 2010: vWorker.com has been a revelation - with no recourse to anything but clichés, I can truthfully say it has changed my life.

Screen Name: SteveT65, Northumberland
United Kingdom
May 19, 2010: vWorker.com is a great, multicultural place that allows individuals to scour the internet finding extremely competent and loyal programmers. Some people prefer to have cost effective programming and some prefer to spend more-than-average to achieve a higher quality program. I personally prefer to communicate with the client and ensure I know exactly what the end product should be before I place a bid. This has resulted in me getting less jobs, as some people prefer to spend less time communicating with the programmer. I have, however, received a perfect rating on each and every project I have won, which translates into quality, professional networks that I hope to keep for years to come. vWorker.com is a great community and I would suggest it to anyone seeking or offering quality programming at competitive prices.

Screen Name: Nick Yost - PHP/MySql/CF/AJAX, Minneapolis, Minnesota
United States
May 19, 2010: vWorker.com has given me a great opportunity as a freelance writer and I've collaborated with many different and amazing people since I've signed up here as a worker.

Screen Name: Sandra.Freelancer, Bucharest
May 19, 2010: I left the job market 14 years ago to become a full-time mother. In 2006 I discovered vWorker.com and joined to see if I could make some pocket money from home. Since then I have completed over 1,800 projects and am the #3 rated service provider out of more than 280,000 workers on vWorker.com. The money I earn here represents almost 50% of our combined family income.

Screen Name: Lisa_G, Palm Harbor, Florida
United States
May 19, 2010: I had been a stay-at-home mom for many years and wanted to return to working but without sacrificing time with family and the commitment I made to my children when I had them -- that I would be a steady and active presence in their lives. Finding work through vWorker.com allowed me to continue to stay at home, but also work and pursue my career.

Screen Name: Debline, Antelope, California
United States
May 18, 2010: I tried several freelancing sites, but I found vWorker.com as the best to ensure the rights of both employers and workers effectively. They have a very good rating and ranking system that helps both parties to assess and evaluate each other before agreeing on a contract.

Screen Name: Sphinx BD, Dhaka
May 18, 2010: This is one of the best freelancing sites I've found. I've tried other sites and vWorker.com was where I did my first freelance job and I have never looked back. I've done over 250 projects here and I am still continuing to get jobs every day. When I received my first check, I couldn't believe that living in a country thousands of miles away from the U.S., I was able to work online and get paid in time without any problems. I have an immense amount of trust for vWorker.com, mainly because even if I do a traditional job in my country, there can be lot of procedures to get paid and may even have problems. vWorker.com has a great leader and he is never too busy to reply us. Their facilitates are great, as you never receive automated emails when you have a problem and they will always send you a reply. You get the feeling you are really working with an established company and have trust in them. vWorker.com has also been a real help for both employers and workers using it, and it's been a blessing to me as well. I pray to God that vWorker.com will reach even greater success in the future and reach to even higher levels.

Screen Name: Ben Graphics, Western Province
Sri Lanka
May 18, 2010: vWorker.com has really been responsible for helping my company survive in a down economy and to help me earn the necessary income I need to sustain my family.

Screen Name: GSolutions Online LLC, Charlotte, North Carolina
United States
May 18, 2010: I am a freelance writer and use vWorker.com to obtain part time project work. I have written long technical documents, reports and a lot of web site content. I find that there is plenty of work here for writers whose native language is English. I stay with vWorker.com because it is a highly professional environment that protects both employers and workers. Honestly, I've found it keeps out the riff-raff. Unlike other sites, especially those for writers, vWorker.com has an arbitration procedure and a rating system that tends to encourage achievement and discourage low quality work. I don't mind paying the commission at all and plan to stay at vWorker.com indefinitely because it is an organized, orderly, and extremely high quality site. vWorker.com has helped me truly find my niche.

Screen Name: CTEK_1, Clarence, New York
United States
May 18, 2010: I can’t thank vWorker.com enough for what they have been able to do for me. In one year, I have completed nearly 50 projects and still have more lined up. Why look anywhere else for work when vWorker.com supplies all the employers I need!

Screen Name: Koala Ink, Leicestershire
United Kingdom
May 18, 2010: I'm a full time student and a part time graphic designer. Although I had worked for local clients in the past, vWorker.com presented a valuable opportunity for me to collaborate with clients from around the globe. This international exposure has served to polish my skills and experience, and gave me the leverage to launch my very own design studio.

Screen Name: Nudge Studio, Western Australia
May 18, 2010: It is true…I wanted more income, but as much as I wanted to earn more, I also wanted to develop and practice new skills. I always wanted to know how to negotiate better, and from my own experience, I can say that vWorker.com is the best place to practice such things. You never know how good you are until you "test" yourself, so I came to vWorker.com to see what I am able to do, and if I am able to deliver quality results.

Screen Name: mihailT, Valcea
May 18, 2010: I am a full time worker on vWorker.com. After completing my "Bachelor of Technology in Information Technology" 4-year degree course, I realized that my coding skills are far more superior than my colleagues. So, I started working on vWorker.com and am earning far more than I would be earning in my country. I am working as a freelancer because it gives new dimensions to my life. My time is "my time" now. I work when I want and don't work when I don't feel so. If I was working for a company in India (my country), I would be getting paid $500 per month, but by being a freelancer, I earn 3 to 4 times more than that…working only 5 hours a day, 30 hours a week. If I worked for a company, I would have to work 45 hours a week (9am to 6pm, 5 days a week) + traveling time between office and home. Now, I work from home, live with my family, and I am always ready to fulfill their needs anytime. It's been an unexpectedly beautiful life since I started as a freelancer on vWorker.com.

Screen Name: SKTN, Uttar Pradesh
May 17, 2010: vWorker.com is the best platform for IT professionals and freelancers with an awesome monetary system & protocols!

Screen Name: {needz}, Islamabad
May 17, 2010: vWorker.com presents a great opportunity to both earn money and develop skills for us who live in undeveloped countries such as Bosnia and Herezegovina.

Screen Name: Nikola Malesevic, Republic of Srpska
Bosnia and Herzegowina
May 17, 2010: I tried a lot of freelancing websites before vWorker.com, and in some, I even completed one or two jobs...but none of them has all the features, the numbers and the atmosphere that vWorker.com has. I love the way that employers can see your past projects, and trough that, decide if you are a competent guy or not. That helps me both as a worker and as an employer.

Screen Name: Lobosque, São Paulo
May 17, 2010: Ultimately I walked away from a good paying job due to politics. It had become a situation where office politics was interfering with productive work and I love what I do too much to willingly deal with an environment like that. I'm still relatively new to vWorker.com, but not even that has kept me from finding plenty of work. What I love most about vWorker.com is that I can tailor it around my schedule. Ultimately it's my choice as to how much work I take, when I do the work, and where I do the work. My only responsibility is doing the work and keeping the employer confident that the work is being done. No endless meetings, no politics, and best of all, no commute. :)

Screen Name: Michael Reiland, Broken Arrow, Oklahoma
United States
May 17, 2010: I'm attracted to this website the most of all outsourcing websites because I want to be treated like a professional and vWorker.com, with all their rules and regulations for literally everything, does this job extremely well.

Screen Name: por, Wielkopolska
May 17, 2010: It all started in March 2009. I was about to complete my graduation and, unlike others, I had plans to work solely on the internet. I was aware of vWorker.com, so I made an account and started to bid on those projects which have very few or no bids. On the next day, I won my 1st bid. From that day forward, I kept winning projects and with time, had some clients who kept posting private projects for me. Soon, I hired one person by chance. A person called me and asked if I could help him in any way. I offered him to work with me as an assistant. He agreed and with that I hired 2 more assistants after a few months. In just 7 months, I had an office of my own…a software company. I was living far away from my home and my parents were alone so I decided to setup a branch office in my home town as well. I needed more employees because I was getting a lot of work from my employers, so I hired 7 more for that branch. In just 13 months, I am at 800 ranking. I have two offices with 14 employees and I am working only on vWorker.com.

Screen Name: MacroPak Solutions, Islamabad
May 17, 2010: vWorker.com is fulfilling my dreams. I stay home and am able give time to my family as well. Earnings are so good that I don’t need to do anything else. My brother and I are now running a company. Soon, I intend to hire more employees. Thanks vWorker.com for all of this!

Screen Name: Whiz-Bang Solutions, Punjab
May 17, 2010: As a student, I started out pursuing work to enhance my design portfolio and make some part time cash freelancing. Once I began to rank within the top 1%, I started to receive bid requests more frequently. I now make enough income from vWorker.com to support myself solely as a freelance designer straight out of college.

Screen Name: Blake McCreary Design | Web and Branding, Liberty, Indiana
United States
May 17, 2010: I originally started on vWorker.com to supplement my income. Due to the economy, I was laid off from my full-time job, but have since been able to make up all lost income via vWorker.com. I have also hired a partner who complements my programming skills with his design work. vWorker.com has allowed me to make many new contacts in the industry as well, allowing me even more flexibility in the work I do, giving me a wide selection of people with skills to complement my own.

Screen Name: JS Designs, Lincoln City, Oregon
United States
May 17, 2010: During our long journey with vWorker.com, we faced many difficulties and several issues, but I always found that people at vWorker.com remain very supportive and professional. They always respond to issues and listen to both employers and workers, which is rare to see on similar outsourcing sites, as most sites prefer employers over workers. I found vWorker.com as a perfect place for both employers and workers.

Screen Name: techwisdom, Punjab
May 17, 2010: I was unsatisfied with the challenge of corporate life and decided to pursue work that interested me instead. Using vWorker.com, I can choose projects that steer my career in the direction I want to take it.

Screen Name: Ewan Heming, Devon
United Kingdom
May 17, 2010: I am a physically challenged person and even though I am adequately qualified (Masters in Computer Science), it was really hard for me to find a full-time in-office job that suited my medical condition. vWorker.com gave me an opportunity to work from my home on my own terms. I like the freedom to choose the projects I want to work on and the added security that I will be paid if I complete the projects as per the requirements.

Screen Name: M.A.J.O.R, Uttar Pradesh
May 17, 2010: I couldn't find a new regular/full-time position after being laid off, so a friend of mine (who already was a freelancer on vWorker.com) told me that it would be a good idea to join the site. I did, but my main reason for joining was not to earn money, but to stay sharp until I found another full-time job. Now, being a freelancer at vWorker.com is my full-time job.

Screen Name: milanJ, Sabac
May 17, 2010: I am a full time student, but have run my own web development business for several years. vWorker.com is an excellent method of finding a steady stream of potential clients; far easier than traditional methods of searching for business.

Screen Name: Interdream, Hertfordshire
United Kingdom
May 17, 2010: After saying good bye to my programming career, I started as a Business Development Manager in a notable software house here in Pakistan. This is when I started bidding on various bidding platforms. With the passage of time, I found vWorker.com as a very potential platform due to its high number of buyers, support and quick/easy payment withdrawal methods. This is why I had asked my clients on other bidding forums to shift to vWorker.com and now they are working with us through vWorker.com. I have now launched my company that comprises of a web development and designing team. We work on projects mostly assigned through the vWorker.com platform. vWorker.com has introduced me to various potential buyers with whom I am having a strong business relationship. I have had a chance to go abroad and meet one of my clients which I had started with on vWorker.com. While relying on vWorker.com, I am confident to rise as a successful Entrepreneur in the global market in the near future.

Screen Name: Gate Logix, Islamabad
May 17, 2010: It was 2003 and I was getting bored in the 4th year of my career as a developer. A co-worker told me about vWorker.com and I suddenly got infected by its model and a required mixture of both technical and interpersonal skills. To succeed as a freelancer one has to be technically proficient, but also has to know how to market and how to become a purple cow standing out in the crowd. I switched to full time freelancing in 2005 and have been working on vWorker.com ever since. Aside from getting paid for the work, vWorker.com is also a tremendous place for making direct relationships and a great leads generator. And unlike oDesk, it's possible to get really high per/hour rates, if one knows how to solve problems quickly.

Screen Name: Ambisoft, Mazowieckie
May 17, 2010: When I first started on vWorker.com, I was a full-time student at RIT looking for supplemental income via freelance programming work. Shortly after beginning work through vWorker.com, freelance programming and IT consulting became my full-time profession. Now, almost three years later, I have completed over 55 projects on vWorker.com and am currently rated above 99.8% of all vWorker.com workers worldwide. My reputation, strengthened by the ratings and testimonials that accompany my work history, has also brought me several projects outside of vWorker.com. I now work with two other consultants, which I hire to assist in design and development for clients' projects. In the next couple weeks, one of these consultants is graduating from RIT and we plan to launch our development studio Namastech with a handful of original mobile applications. I do believe that vWorker.com has played an invaluable role and bringing me to this point, despite the ups and downs of last year's financial crisis.

Screen Name: Dustin Fineout, Rochester, New York
United States
May 17, 2010: I graduated from college and was unable to find a job. I graduated in December 2009 from The Ohio State University with a BS in Mathematics, sent my resume to many companies for months and had only a handful of interviews - I never got hired. vWorker.com is now my primary source of income.

Screen Name: Jofec, Charleston, South Carolina
United States
May 17, 2010: I work from home as a website designer. vWorker.com allows me to reach new clients and form new business relationships in a way that's cost-effective while adding to my portfolio.

Screen Name: iElectrify, Charleston, West Virginia
United States
May 17, 2010: Initially, I was seeking additional work in vWorker.com besides my full time day job, but things have changed now. I now run a software company named Mukto Software Ltd. and we have 8 full time and 4 part time programmers. vWorker.com is one of our major income sources.

Screen Name: Mukto Software Ltd., Dhaka
May 17, 2010: I quit my full-time graphic design job to do volunteer work; however I still needed a small income. vWorker.com gives me the flexibility that I need while still offering the security of knowing that there is someone overseeing the process.

Screen Name: brypersing, Virginia, Minnesota
United States
May 17, 2010: I am very keen in designing complex problems. I feel vWorker.com is the best place to get the complex and challenging/interesting problems to solve, as well as to earn money.

Screen Name: Srinu B, Karnataka
May 17, 2010: vWorker.com gives you superb platform to get good clients. And it has the easiest process to bid and project management system. With the help of vWorker.com's escrow system, you are always safe and we just love the process we have on the site now. It is just intuitive.

Screen Name: Lx Technologies, Calcutta
May 17, 2010: We wanted to start our own business, but didn't have any extra income. We didn't want a bank or government credit due to high interest rates. vWorker.com allowed us to earn the money to start our own business. Being on vWorker.com is so easy that although we currently run our business and hire clients outside of the site, we try to get more projects through vWorker.com in any free time we have.

Screen Name: Repsis, Mexico, DF
May 17, 2010: vWorker.com is place where people who are honest for work can get work easily. It’s a place where your dedication of work and honesty, as well knowledge of a particular field is awarded. Most importantly, you can bid on unlimited projects and you do not have to purchase a membership. I’ve worked on Elance, oDesk, Scriptlance, vWorker, Getafreelancer, and I can say that vWorker.com is the best out of all of them. Their customer support is awesome, and I have a guarantee here that if I work well, I will get paid.

Screen Name: jasn009, Delhi
May 16, 2010: I think vWorker.com is a great place to get projects done and to find work as well. As a worker, being able to get in touch with employers that need of my skills is a great thing. I have worked on other freelance sites, but other sites are not really that friendly in the areas of applying to work on projects. vWorker.com makes things so clean and visible that you feel like you are in direct contact with employers.

Screen Name: Luis Lazo, Laredo, Texas
United States
May 16, 2010: vWorker.com is such wonderful site to work on. You have all sorts of work to choose from and you can select those projects that give you interest towards your field. As a CG artist, I find it very good to work with. I congratulate the vWorker.com team for making such a nice place to be able to work in your field and share your creative experience with other parts of world.

Screen Name: gr8cgvidya, Andhra Pradesh
November 27, 2010: I just wanted to say THANK YOU! I received my first check today and now know for sure this is a valid site! I am quite wary of Internet-based things, and know there are a lot of scams out there but I am so, so, so glad I stumbled across your site! Thanks for all your hard work, and keep it up! : ) I will recommend you to anyone I know that is looking for such a site.

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United States
October 21, 2010: I would like to say to you a special thanks for providing such a nice facility for online business for people like me. I am a disabled person (can't walk without wheel-chair) and it’s VERY easy for me to work from home as compared to a regular outdoor job. So, THANK you very much once again. May God bless you!

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October 10, 2010: vWorker.com helped me a lot to start my career after doing M.Sc(CS). After my study i got job but i was not happy with that. Then i started working on Vworker and got more money then my salary. Now i am earning handsome amount from vWorker.com. Thanks Ian for giving us this platform.

Screen Name: Global IT Soft, Faisalabad
April 22, 2010: "vWorker.com has given me enough business to keep me 24x7 busy and my mailbox keeps rolling. It's just a matter of time to find good buyers and make relationship with them."

Screen Name: SKTN, Bareilly
April 22, 2010: "As per my personal experience, vWorker.com is one of the best and fastest sites out there. I've tried using Elance but wasn't able to feel comfortable using their system even though I've tried several times. After being a vWorker.com user for the last 5 years I am addicted to using vWorker.com and I use it more than I use Google, Facebook or any other site. So far in 2010, I've completed around 218 projects...I'm now within the first 100 coders and I am proud of what I've been able to accomplish through vWorker.com."

Screen Name: TopSeoExperts, Beirut
I am a provider of sales writing with TWO different freelance sites. I have had experience with a bad client with each. With RentACoder I put the problem straight into Arbitration and got paid within a day or do. With the bad client on the other FreElance site, escrow didn't turn on for repeat projects plus arbitration is expensive. I ended up not getting paid at all for a $450 job (despite my protests to the other freElance site!) Well done RAC for your arbitration feature.

Screen Name: Bill Oliver, Muar, Johor
I would be remiss if I did not also add thanks for creating RAC :-) It has certainly turned my personal finances around. Best regards, Joon.

Screen Name: Joon.NET, Durbanville
South Africa
I have been trying to freelance for 4 months now in writing, editing, and virtual assistance. I have looked into all kinds of freelancing places, and either they require a monthly fee, or they don't have any jobs that pay, or both. I can't imagine paying a monthly fee for the opportunity to lose a lot of bids. Well, here I have lost a lot of bids, but I have actually won some and made money. After I get a few more rankings, I will be able to land enough work to support myself. and that's only possible because of you. I love the way I don't have to pay you any money unless I'm making money. That means it's no risk to me. I also really appreciate the way you make payments happen, and the arbitration system. When working with individ uals and smaller businesses sometimes it's hard to get paid, so I like the assurance that the money is there waiting for me. I haven't had to use arbitration, but I read the big legal description of it, and I think you are doing that just right. It is obvious that your top motive in arbitration is to be fair and protect the innocent, and I think that's great. Every time I come across a new feature (like how you don't let someone see their own rating until they have been rated) I think how useful and well done it is. Keep up the good work!

Screen Name: Layah, Camarillo, California
United States
My name is Jorge. I'm a user of rentacoder from the first months of 2004, and more than 5 years have passed. The site is still much like the first, because it is simple but functional. And more important, are the personalised replies that you do all the time. I began as a coder; I won my first job with an australian guy, when I was only 17 years old. Thanks to that $300 usd, I bought my first Pioneer stereo for my first car, an old Fiat Uno 1985. 10 months later, with that stereo I gave my first kiss to my girlfriend, who is now my wife. The years have passed, and now I'm a software engineer and a buyer, not a coder, and I use rentacoder more than ever. It's incredible what I can do with $50 usd in 12 hours; jobs that a designer could take weeks to do...and also, minor jobs that a designer doesn’t want to take. I opened my own business (nothing related with the software) but I have a real competitive advantage over my competitors, since I have brochures of the highest quality, the best websites, etc. Now in the internet era, that is more important than the business itself. I can say that rentacoder was my partner in the more importants years of my life. Best regards.

Screen Name: M&J Programming Solutions , Buenos Aires
I have been working here at RAC for 4 months now basically as a content writer. To be honest, at first when I came to know about this site and the opportunities it provides, I was little skeptical whether it was really true and if I could truly earn by working through it. I went through some research online and found other sites similar to RAC. But most of them I found a bit complicated. In case of RAC the whole process of bidding in different projects, communicating and negotiating with buyers and the payment process is very simple. And the first time I received my first payment from the site and withdrew it from an ATM booth, I realized that I am in the right place to utilize my skills and undoubtedly RAC is one of the most reliable sites where I can work as a coder. RAC is always very caring for both buyers and sellers and I am truly glad that I got the opportunity to become a part of the RAC family.

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   RentACoder is, from my point of view, the best thing for an IT entrepreneur - we get most of our work from RentACoder and we never have to worry again about payments because RentACoder handles everything for us.

Screen Name: TotalIT Professional
Bogdan Epureanu & Total IT Professional Team
   I have really enjoyed your vWorker.com service, I would have never been able to find work without it!

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United States
   I have been using vWorker.com for about a month and a half now, and I absolutely love it. This is honestly the single greatest contribution anyone has made for buyers and coders everywhere. Thank you for your efforts!

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Screen Name: Theo Kandiliotis, Athens, Attiki
   You may have seen Web sites where freelancers can bid on projects posted by businesses needing assistance. vWorker.com works similarly by giving businesses the opportunity to post projects needing development help. Currently, there is no charge to use the service. However, like eBay, when the coder is the highest bidder, a 15% of the winning amount goes to vWorker.com. I think that's fair, especially since they don't charge membership fees, and eBay has been successful with this method. It's not just for programmers, though, as there are categories for graphic designers, data entry, documentation, networking, testing, and Web design.

Site Review in LockerGnome Newsletter
9/1/2003 Edition
   I only found your site a couple of months ago, but it has been a god-send as far as giving me the opportunity to make well needed extra money without having to leave my home.

Screen Name: JSMorgan24, Royersford, Pennsylvania
United States
   Thank you very much for your promptness. That's one of the main reasons why I only code through you guys!

Screen Name: Flash My Perl, Little Elm, Texas
United States
   My experience of Rent-a-Coder has been very positive. It's good that you only charge commission on completed work, not membership fees. I got very disillusioned with a certain other organisation when they introduced a 2-tier membership, which discriminates on financial rather than technical grounds and is misleading to buyers. At Rent-a-Coder we're all of equal status and ranked purely on merit and customer satisfaction, which is as it should be. Also, when I had a problem with payment (not your fault - I couldn't validate my PayPal account and had to decline a payment) it was dealt with very promptly and I have now received my payment by Western Union. Thank you for an excellent service.

Screen Name: Elderberry, Streatham Hill, London
United Kingdom
   I just completed my 1st project here and would like to thank you for running a 1st class site. You run a great service, much better than Elance.

Screen Name: Shadow Warrior, San Pedro, California
United States
   I have been monitoring your site for a long time. When it was a new entrant in the market, it was not very active, but now vWorker.com is among the top sites offering the freelance marketplace. It's great to work here. My best wishes for the same (sic).

Screen Name: Wave King, Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh
   And thanks for the website, I'm 18 years old, and you have no idea of how many doors it opens up for me. It's just great, so I really mean it when I say thanks. And responding to my mail within 10 seconds is what I call live tech support!

Screen Name: DDL Smurf, Junglinster, Junglinster
   This is a wonderful site and I am thankful that I found such a thing.

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United States
   You make vWorker.com a great place to work.

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